The Show - Niall Horan

The Show

Niall Horan

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2023-06-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • Capitol Records; ℗ 2023 Neon Haze Music Ltd. and Niall Horan, under exclusive license to


Title Artist Time
Heaven Niall Horan 3:06
If You Leave Me Niall Horan 2:59
Meltdown Niall Horan 2:33
Never Grow Up Niall Horan 3:29
The Show Niall Horan 3:11
You Could Start A Cult Niall Horan 3:20
Save My Life Niall Horan 2:57
On A Night Like Tonight Niall Horan 3:07
Science Niall Horan 2:45
Must Be Love Niall Horan 3:09



    By Leila858
  • Bought every version of this album! 🧡🤍💚

    By MagnoliaG23
    I love this album so much I now own every variation of it! I’ve been waiting for The Show to be released & it is amazing! Every song sounds great & it definitely won’t disappoint! Worth every penny!!! I am so glad Niall was on The Voice because had he not been idk if I would’ve rediscovered him! Radio stations should be abolished because they don’t play any good songs!!! First ‘The Show’ then ‘Chemistry by Kelly Clarkson’ and even ‘Rockstar by Dolly Parton’ all beautiful albums I haven’t heard a song from on the radio! Stop playing Morgan Wallen & Sam Smith and give us some good music!!! Stuff that isn’t just auto-tuned rapping and demonic music!!! ~Nialler
  • So good!

    By tythtgfvfvghhj
    His album, The Show has great lyrics, an angelic voice, a cute angel singing (that’s Niall), not explicit, talks about romance appropriately, and guess what? It doesn’t have an explicit song in it like Flicker (still love you Niall!) one day you’ll be coaching J.Q $pade on The Voice and I’ll win! He’s the next Taylor Swift!
  • So good

    By Shoppinchic
    Amazing to listen to. Never knew who Niall was until saw him on The Voice and now am hooked on his music. Such moving lyrics and passionate melodies.
  • Broadway⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟

    By samcl
    The songs I can see made into a Broadway play. I love all the songs and see Dancing with the Stars dancing to most of the songs!💕💕💕all his albums!!!
  • love love love

    By lcosch47
    me and my friend stayed up until midnight for this album and it was DEFINITELY worth it. ever since it was announced we have been excited to just listen to new music by niall. we have been saving up money to buy concert tickets so we hope we can go!! anyway it was his best album to date and i felt it was more relatable then the others. science is my fav song on the album and i also like you could start a cult and never grow up 🫶🇮🇪
  • Did It Again!

    By Bosley712
    Niall always delivers. There hasn’t been a song on any album that I would go thru the effort to skip. Even if it isn’t my favorite song, it is pleasing enough to still listen to. The song The Show hits hard even in the first listen, this album’s Flicker. I have really enjoyed all his albums.
  • Fantastic

    By jlcfit
    Every song is so good. Love it!
  • literally perfect🤌

    By Lundyn🤭
    hello lovers, i’m absolutely in love with this! i’ve been a niall girl since he was on the x factor! on top of him being the nicest person ever, he makes absolutely amazing records. the show is a great example of that. the fact that he can just pick up an instrument and put it on a track just because it was there, like the harmonica in you could start a cult, the up beat, summer vibes that never grow up and save my life have, the slower, kinda sadder vibes that the show and science have. the meaning behind meltdown, the fun tempos of heaven, must be love, and if you leave me, and the falsetto in on a night like tonight, all of it amazes me. niall is an amazing lyricist and he hasn’t failed to make the best records. the show perfectly captures the maturity he’s gained. i am insanely proud of him and i hope he keeps doing what he does.
  • Amazing

    By harryshouse
    Nialler does it again

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